04 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Coupon Clipping – It may save you money but how much time is Involved!

Coupon Clipping is basically trawling through magazines and newspapers and cutting out the coupons (usually at the back) and taking them into stores to save yourself money. It’s a big thing in the US but hasn’t taken off in the UK where I live. I can see that it can really help families save money. I remember switching channels and even seeing the Kardashians doing this. I mean come on do they really need to save money when they get millions from this crappy reality program! No offence if you actually like it, just my opinion! I have also seen a couple of US tv shows following families saving most of their grocerie shopping and paying next to nothing at the checkout. I can see the appeal and satisfaction of getting that much food and drink and paying almost nothing for it. I think I’d be way to embarrassed to be at the cashier with hundreds of toilet rolls or some other random product times a huge amount and a queue behind me!

My thoughts on this though as much as it can save you loads of money is how much time you must have to put into this! I mean it must take hours out of your life just going through these printable papers and only to save maybe £100. I always like to value time as well as money, after all couldn’t you be using that time and putting it to better use!

Rant over and just something I wanted to share with my readers!

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