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Sell Books Online to raise some extra cash with Ziffit.com

My husband and I recently had to move house. We had so much old junk in our house that we had to get rid of a lot of these unwanted items. We did charity a lot of our clothes and toys but had to take a lot of the other junk to the tip. Some of this was probably not junk to many people. We had hundreds of books and I was reluctant to let it go! I spoke to one of the school mums and they recommended a site called Ziffit.com where you could trade in your old books for cash. This would be great and help raise some extra cash which would come in really handy for when we need to buy any new stuff for our new house.

I downloaded the Ziffit app which is really smart. It’s like your very own barcode reader. It scans the books ISBN barcode and then tells you how much you can get for the book if you were to trade it in. We had hundreds of books and this phone barcode reader app was a massive time saver. So rather than having to type in hundreds of ISBN codes into their website, the app would do this all for us.

We had about 50% of the books that we worth nothing but the other 50% came in at a grand total of £227. On top of this I noticed a box to enter a promo code before completing the order at Ziffit.com. I headed over to Google and searched for “Ziffit Promo Code” and found this site http://ziffitpromocode.weebly.com/ which had a great deal – Get an extra 10% bonus using the code. My husband arranged for the books to be taken to a local collect location near our town. Then we got our cash (£249.7 including our 10% extra from that promo code) transferred to our account the next day. It’s amazing!

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