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Voucher/Coupon Websites Can Save you a Stack of Money

I have been using Voucher/Coupon websites for as long as I’ve been saving money for my family online. Over the years I think I must have saved at least £500 a year from using voucher websites. There are so many to choose from online and most of them have the same offers, however some are more up to date than others and also offer bigger discounts.

If you don’t know what a Voucher/Coupon website is, then here is a brief explanation, even know it kind of says what it does on the tin!

The term Voucher is used mainly in the UK, where I come from. Coupon is used more across the world (USA and Australia mainly). A Voucher/Coupon is usually a code which can be found either online or in newspaper cutouts (known as a printable coupon – more common in the US) that will offer you a certain percentage or money off when buying the product/service from the retailer. This enables you to save money rather than paying the full price.

Now I have a few friends in the online world who run these Voucher/Coupon sites and although I’m biased and want to help them promote their sites, I do actually think they offer some of the best deals around and I actually do use them. One to mention is called LuckyVoucherCodes.uk run by my friend Felix. There are over 1000 stores to choose from so you can grab yourself huge savings at stores from Avon to Ziffit, Woolovers, Mainline Menswear & wonga to name just a few. You can also easily find discounts by Categories such as from Clothing, Holidays, Gifts and more. Felix has also mentioned to me recently that he is going to soon give back 100% of profits generated from the site to charity. So you get to save when shopping online knowing that it will also be helping those people in need.

My tips for when using a voucher site are simple. Stick with sites you know and trust. New sites come up all the time but soon get out of date. The ones that have been around longer generally are better. Be careful of expired codes. Many sites still list expired codes which most often will not work, hoping to still make money as you’ll still shop online after being referred to by them, so look for sites that do not list expired codes. Coupon sites that allow users to share their discounts also often how a lot of out of date codes which do not work. Save yourself some time trying these out when they simply will not work. Retailmenot.com is one I can think of where users can submit codes. Often there will be a lot of duplicates too and just wastes consumers time in my opinion.

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  1. Christy 1 May 2015 at 2:04 pm Permalink

    Hi, I am based in the US and I always thought it was known as Coupons all over the world. I’ve been using coupons to save money for the last 2 years and always find it hard to difficult to find good deals. There are just too many websites doing the same thing!

    • Julia 1 May 2015 at 2:09 pm Permalink

      Thanks for stopping by Christy. I know the feeling. It can be annoying finding so many codes that don’t work or no longer valid.


  2. Christy 8 June 2015 at 2:45 pm Permalink

    Hi again Julia,

    Would you mind checking out my site http://wongapromocode2015.weebly.com I’ve just created.


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